Ever wonder what spiritual aspects will be included in the new hospitals?

Spiritual Aspects Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a monumental step toward a comprehensive strategy for the health and wholeness of our community and world. It is an intensified focus on our mission to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Loma Linda University Health was founded in 1905 as a faith-based organization, and reminders of that legacy will be seen throughout the comprehensive Vision 2020 campaign — from spiritually inspired artwork and gathering spaces in the new 16-story hospital to funding research for whole person care and scholarships for students wanting a faith-based education.

Vision 2020 will expand Loma Linda University Health’s ability to deliver a transformational patient and family experience in a supportive, healing environment. Our focus on providing compassionate, whole person care in the best healing environment will be apparent from the moment patients and families arrive at our new hospitals.

The new hospital will include a 60-seat chapel prominently placed next to the lobby with private prayer rooms, providing a place of respite and serve as a constant reminder of our foundation in faith and caring for the whole person. In addition, the chapel will open to a healing garden, with the green space offering an opportunity to find respite and spiritual peace.

The hospital’s Grand Hallway will feature an extensive set of paintings by artist Nathan Greene depicting the healing miracles of Jesus, as found in the Bible.

Valuable learning takes place in our hospitals. As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, we understand the importance of faith and healing. Our students, who come from many faith backgrounds, not only learn to be experts in their fields but how to approach care for the whole person — the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our focus on scholarships, faculty development, service opportunities and new innovative educational approaches through Vision 2020, will enable our students to take what they have learned and bring restorative healing to their communities throughout the world.

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