Ever wonder how much concrete it takes to fill a 50-foot hole?

Big Pour Vision 2020

Big Pour Vision 2020

Before you panic and think we’re hitting you with a knotty math problem, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

10,800 tons.

That’s how much concrete it takes to fill a hole 50 feet deep and 260 feet wide. Actually, that won’t even fill the hole. That’s only enough to cover a portion of the bottom.

Now, why are we asking this? Because right now there is a massive, crater-size hole in front of our hospital. If you haven’t already, take a trip to Loma Linda University Medical Center and peek from the second-floor window or visit our construction site cameras. You’ll see a gaping hole out front that apparently swallowed our entire parking lot. Every day, for the last several months, we have been laying miles of rebar across the bottom to prepare for the foundation of the new hospital we’re building.

Hold up. What’s rebar? Rebar is a steel reinforcing rod used with concrete to strengthen it. How much rebar are we using?

77 miles. 

Imagine running the L.A. marathon not once, not twice, but three times! That’s a lot of steel.

In the end, you’ll never see this rebar. It is buried in concrete like the unbreakable bones of a skeleton. On March 25, we poured 10 tons of concrete as thick as oatmeal across the bottom of the pit, which only covered 1/3 of the steel. 

Photo credit: Dennis E. Park, MA
Photo credit: Dennis E. Park, MA

It took:

  • 10,800 tons of concrete to cover 5,400 cubic yards (That weighs as much as 5,000 elephants and 4 sheep, yes the extra 4 sheep make a huge difference.)

  • 540 loads of concrete delivered in 85 trucks (A total of 10 hours with 1 minute per truck)

  • 2 standby concrete pumps

  • 850 tons of rebar

It also took:

  • 109 construction workers to complete the pour

  • 17 inspectors and special inspectors on site to observe

  • 2 fuel truck drivers

  • 2 concrete pump mechanics

This is the first of three pours that will happen over the next few months. It takes this kind of Herculean effort to lay the foundation for our 16-story adult hospital and expanded children’s hospital so that they can rise from the earth by the year 2020. It is a monumental puzzle piece for our bold vision to revolutionize the way we teach and heal. And it is a cornerstone for our comprehensive campaign, Vision 2020.

The best part of all — no fingers, hands, or elephants were harmed in the making.

Photo credit: Loma Linda University Health
Photo credit: Loma Linda University Health

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