We are Dedicated to Educating Health Professionals Who are Deeply Committed to Compassionate Care and Focused on Treating the Whole Person

Your support enables students to acquire the education and training they need. By increasing endowments, scholarships and educational approaches for all eight schools, we can build on our mission to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

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We Live to Teach - At Loma Linda University Health we are committed to producing health professionals who are not only highly proficient and leaders in their field, but who are deeply compassionate and focused on treating the whole person.

With Vision 2020, we will ensure our tradition of academic excellence with focus on service. This means increasing endowments that help us recruit and retain the best educators


Education Priority Initiatives

Our Outstanding Graduates and Students are Building New Futures in Health Care

Student Scholarships

$20 Million

Increased scholarship opportunities will offset tuition costs and attract outstanding students to Loma Linda University.

Faculty Development

$10 Million

Increased faculty development assists in recruiting and retaining the highest qualified faculty for our students.

Research Discoveries

$15 Million

Funding broadens research opportunities through the schools and the future Center for Health Discovery.

Educational Approaches

$15 Million

The new state-of-the-art adult and Children’s Hospital will provide an optimal teaching environment for students.

San Bernardino Campus

$10 Million

The new campus in San Bernardino will allow students and residents to rotate through a brand new community clinic.

"I received a scholarship to go on a mission trip to China. I worked with a team from Public Health, Dentistry and Speech Pathology. There’s still so much work that needs to be done there and many areas across the globe. I believe LLU really equips you to go into the mission field and continue caring for others."

Jenifer Jesson, MPH, Alumna

Research at Loma Linda University Health3
  • Planned Research Building and Wholeness Center

  • We have over 200 post-doctoral fellows and numerous visiting scientists and scholars from the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.
    We have over 200 post-doctoral fellows and numerous visiting scientists and scholars from the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

  • Loma Linda University Health is pioneering the exploration of the molecular mechanisms of prenatal stressors and the biology of development from embryo to fetus to newborn to adult.
    Loma Linda University Health is pioneering the exploration of the molecular mechanisms of prenatal stressors and the biology of development from embryo to fetus to newborn to adult.



enrolled at LLU in 2015 



for students: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral/professional


Mission Trips

taken by LLU students making a difference



served by LLU student mission service

School of Allied Health Professions

The influence of the School of Allied Health Professions will be even greater through Vision 2020. The strength of our school is proven through our offerings of degrees in traditional and cutting-edge areas of health care, designed to prepare graduates to meet the changes within the health care environment; and our prestigious alumni serving in leadership positions worldwide.

Gifts from Vision 2020 will support our commitment to provide our students with service and mission opportunities to experience the transformational impact of service not only on others, but more important, on themselves. Our students return changed in their perspectives of the world and their communities.

Vision 2020 will also support scholarships. Our students rely on the scholarships we provide and the research opportunities to thrive. The future of our school depends on our ability to continue equipping and preparing students for their calling — whether it’s at a clinic in San Bernardino or a hospital in Haiti.

Jordan The, class of 2015, received the Dean’s Award for his outstanding commitment to physical therapy and to the community. Jordan was privileged to visit Haiti for a mission trip in conjunction with the orthotics and prosthetics department.

“I was able to give back and teach some of the students who will be in their rehab tech program. I had the chance to teach not just to the next generation, but to a totally different world. It was amazing to educate and train those from developing nations who don’t have physical therapy and to spread the word.”

Jordan The, Student, School of Allied Health Professions
School of Behavioral Health

Many of the School of Behavioral Health’s graduates show involvement as strong community leaders and advocates for change. We offer degree programs ranked at the highest clinical level in the state. With Vision 2020, our impact can reach more students, more faculty and more borders.

Vision 2020 will continue to sustain our school’s commitment to address the behavioral health needs of individuals and the community through an emphasis on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of whole person care.

Our greatest priorities outlined in Vision 2020 are focused on:

  • Student scholarships and international travel
  • Research support
  • Program support

In addition, Vision 2020 funds will be of great benefit for the various community-based programs we operate.

“I chose clinical psychology/neuropsychology because I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives. Loma Linda University is involved in groundbreaking research, and it has a diverse clinical experience. There are more opportunities for collaboration and greater exposure to diverse populations.”

John Bellone, Student, School of Behavioral Health
School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry’s primary goal of graduating competent and compassionate oral health care professionals creates lasting relationships among students, faculty and alumni that continue to advance the dental profession and the quality of dental services.

Since opening in 1953, the School of Dentistry has been an essential contributor to our mission of whole person care. Our school’s service learning opportunities contribute profoundly — along with the mission service of our alumni — to dental care for “the least of these” across the globe. Vision 2020, the largest philanthropic endeavor in Loma Linda University history, will have a positive impact in four areas:

  • Scholarship Endowments
  • Clinical Enhancements
  • Faculty Development
  • Research Support

“Financing dental school is stressful and unfortunately the expenses can limit a student’s opportunity to attend. I am happy to hear that we are increasing scholarship funds. Our School of Dentistry is worth it; I couldn’t get the same experience elsewhere.”

James Fedusenko, Student, School of Dentistry
School of Medicine

The School of Medicine has a momentous goal in Vision 2020. Our greatest priority is to significantly enlarge our scholarship endowments to meet the needs of our students and ensure that we are able to select service-oriented, highly-skilled and diverse students.

At the same time, the School of Medicine requires highly skilled and mission-driven faculty. They teach and mentor our students, and continue to seek new knowledge and clinical innovations. In addition, most are also practicing physicians, providing the compassionate whole person care that make our hospitals and medical practices exceptional.

Focusing on providing whole person care, participating with the world community by providing international physicians and scientists the opportunities for professional interaction and enrichment; fulfilling a critical role international medical mission work, and sharing the good news of a loving God — these are the goals of the students, faculty and graduates of the School of Medicine.

It is not enough to encourage our graduates to serve. We must make it possible. The School of Medicine invests significantly in our Deferred Mission Appointment (DMA) program and plans to expand this further as a part of Vision 2020. The DMA program is for medical and dental students who are preparing to serve in the many world-wide health care organizations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. While in school the students receive a stipend, and then the DMA program pays down their school debt while they are serving.

The DMA program made it possible for Gillian Seton, MD, to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a missionary doctor. In 2014, Dr. Seton arrived at Cooper Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, just prior to the ebola outbreak in West Africa. Dr. Seton stayed and remained committed to keeping Cooper Hospital open to treat non-ebola patients who were being refused by quarantined hospitals.

“I received a scholarship and it really solidified my decision to come to Loma Linda University School of Medicine. It made me more confident that I could take on the financial aspect of going to medical school … but I chose LLU because I really liked the marriage of service and medicine.”

Tucker Coston, Student, School of Medicine
School of Nursing

Around the globe, thousands of alumni from the School of Nursing demonstrate the high standard of the Loma Linda University-trained nurse by providing whole person care to their patients. Our graduates take their place in many leadership roles in nursing, from health promotion to critical care, nurse practitioner to nurse anesthetist and research to administration.

The success of Vision 2020 will help students pursue these goals and set them apart. Increased support for student scholarships will encourage our students as they pursue their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.

“Loma Linda University School of Nursing graduates nurses with a heart. When you get to pray with your instructor before giving your first injection — that makes you a different nurse.”

Joanna Shedd MS, Faculty, School of Nursing

The mission at the School of Nursing is more than a catchphrase — it’s woven into the experience here. Vision 2020 will also help transition graduate students into faculty roles. Faculty member, Joanna Shedd recalls her first tour of our campus as an applicant. She was awestruck. The reputation of the university, the caliber of applying students, and the fact that she was the first in her family to pursue college were intimidating. Before she had a chance to talk herself out of applying, the dean approached her and invited her into her office. “After speaking for some time, she prayed for me. She told me she believed in me and from that day forward, I knew this was the place for me.”

“Scholarships will keep a lot of people in nursing school. I know students who left for financial reasons. It’s unfortunate because they would’ve been incredible nurses.”

Kelsey Trujillo, Student, School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy emphasizes working in association with physicians, nurses and other health professionals. Vision 2020 supports our approach to whole person care and our close interaction with other schools make our education unique and highly sought after.

Vision 2020 will provide increased scholarship endowments for the school. Meanwhile, we have been successful in maintaining the tuition rate and are now one of the more cost-effective programs in California. We will continue to exercise sound fiduciary responsibility, including the growth of our operating endowment and increased scholarships to minimize the loans student require.

Vision 2020 will address the need to provide faculty development initiatives to retain and expand our exceptional teaching staff. Naomi Florea, PharmD, travels to Romania every year with a group of pharmacy students to provide medical care in underserved areas.

Paul Gavaza, PhD, researcher and professor, is excited for what Vision 2020 will bring. “The campaign will take our work to a different level. The new adult hospital will provide a better learning environment for clinical rotations. For researchers, there are more opportunities, topics and patient data to analyze and investigate. Overall, this is a positive improvement for our teaching, research and clinical service.”

“My goal is to train as many students as possible and have them integrate in mission work and other health care teams around the world. With the clinical knowledge these students have and the training they receive through mission trips, they will be able to integrate themselves into a health care team and act as a primary care provider.”

Paul Gavaza, PhD, Researcher and Professor, School of Pharmacy
School of Public Health

The School of Public Health has a vision for the future. It is far-reaching – and will be realized through the impact of Vision 2020. We will expand how we incorporate interdisciplinary approaches into our curriculum, professional collaboration and research. Our aim is to provide more opportunities for our faculty to develop in their area of expertise and, in turn, they will provide new opportunities for our students.

Vision 2020 will provide updated technology and resources for the classroom. We have embraced innovative teaching by the modification of how we teach the core courses. Both content and delivery were modified to meet the demands of current learning approaches.

Assistant professor and alumnus, Ernie Medina, DrPH, is one of the school’s leading advocates for digital health. Analyzing data, gamifying good health behavior and effectively providing lifestyle medicine on a broader scale will all be enhanced with technology in lifestyle medicine.

Through the continual work and research of our faculty and students, we aim to eradicate the diseases that threaten the lives of our community. San Bernardino will be impacted because our graduates will be trained at the highest level, our alumni will be engaged and our world will be transformed.

“Our professors have worked in the community. We didn’t learn just from a book — we learned with our hands. I think that’s amazing. If it’s simply academic, you’re missing a component, whereas here we have both the academic and practical aspects of the profession.”

Richmond Pajela, Student, School of Public Health
School of Religion

The School of Religion is the only place where students from all disciplines intersect to be immersed in our belief in whole person care. The variation of ethnicities, cultural experiences, religions and diverse spectrum of career training are just a few of Nelu Nedelea’s reasons for attending Loma Linda University. “This is a place where I feel at home. I feel accepted, valued and wanted.”

Through endowed scholarships, we can attract the best and the brightest to the high-quality programs we offer. Robust faculty chairs will allow us to increase the impact of faith and religion research. Vision 2020 will make that possible. When patients enter the new hospital, made possible by Vision 2020, they will immediately see our chapel.

The placement of the chapel is not a coincidence. This underscores our commitment to our mission to extend the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus and the importance the School of Religion in helping LLUH achieve that mission.

Alumni and friends of the School of Religion are responding in unprecedented ways to Vision 2020. Two endowments, the Gayle Saxby Endowed Scholarship and the David and Maxine Taylor Scholarship Endowment are endowments that we hope to grow significantly. These funds are proving to be a huge blessing.

We are fortunate to be connected to a medical center for our chaplaincy students to use as a training site. Chelsea Hanson is grateful for that opportunity.

“I didn’t start growing in my self-development until I got into the hospital. As the hospital adds new programs, it gives students more opportunities for that one-on-one interaction with patients. Your life changes when you see God work that way; to use you as an empty vessel and let your love shine through. I can’t wait for Vision 2020 to make more opportunities like that possible.”

Chelsea Hanson, Student, School of Religion


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