Vision 2020

At Loma Linda University Health, we are not just advancing health and wellness, we are redefining what it means to be healthy.

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Priority Areas

$360 Million Goal

$222.8 Million



Loma Linda University Health is committed to producing health professionals who are not only highly proficient and leaders in their field, but professionals who are compassionate and service-oriented.

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$70 Million

Clinical Care

At Loma Linda University Health we are known for our compassionate, whole-person care. Our staff come from many backgrounds and faiths, and care deeply about continuing our mission of teaching and wholeness.

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$225 Million


At Loma Linda University Health we do more than impart medical knowledge, we create it. With 8 schools and 6 hospitals transformational collaboration is ingrained in our culture.

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$50 Million


At Loma Linda University Health our research has shown us that prevention and whole-person care can stop the progression of chronic disease and lead to increased longevity and a higher quality of life.

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$15 Million